September Goals

Taking a look at my personal and professional goals for September 2016.

I made some Q3 goals, and for the first time ever actually posted them to the wall in my office. It's the end of August, and as I look up there, I realize I didn't reach my goals for this month.

I am slowly working my way through Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map, where she emphasizes the importance of making goals with soul. For her, goals should be more qualitative than quantitative with the primary intention being how you want to feel. As an ex-math major and current marketing professional, thinking of making goals without a quantitative element attached to them seems preposterous! But as I look back up there on my wall, even though I didn't hit that one, big arbitrary number I set for myself, I do feel good with the progress I've made.

Despite everything in my head saying this month was a failure, I'm doing my best to listen to my heart and rejoice in the progress that I've made. After all, my key phrase for this quarter is: PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION.

With that in mind, I'm coming back to the table to set goals for September. This time around, I'm taking a cue from Danielle, and setting goals with the primary intention that make me feel good. Since starting my business, I've been working incessantly, and I'm close to a breaking point. This month I want to focus on intentional rest, self-care, and ensuring I'm in my best physical, mental and emotional state so that I can be of service to others. Here's how I'm hoping to achieve that.

My September Goals

  • Make physical exercise a priority in my weekly routine with an emphasis on getting back to a regular yoga schedule. My yoga practice feeds my mind and soul in ways that few other things can.
  • Take at least one bath each week. It's my favorite way to decompress.
  • Set aside time each week to read articles, blogs and new books. (Please send me any of your reading suggestions!)
  • Practice what I preach and dedicate time each week to schedule social media for my own business so that it alleviates stress. 
  • Face my fear of writing by writing more. 

What about you? I'd love to know, what are some of your September goals?