Thought partnership &

For creatives who are deeply craving
support and space to make the
pivotal transitions that will
sustain their soul work.



You would love to have a partner who is equally invested in your business, who can dream with you and work alongside you as you make those dreams a reality. You strive for genuine connection and relationships with your clients and customers, and aim to find a marketing strategy that treats your customers like people, and not just another number.


I stand with you in that devotion to connection. I believe in the power of the notion that people buy from people.

I believe that we do our best work and live our best life when we establish a Why, a core purpose, a True North, and then develop a strategy that sets us on a path to achieve it.

So let's do exactly that!


Oh,hey there!
I'm maggie.


I believe in changing the way we do business and dismantling the idea that success has to look a certain way, so I am committed to illuminating the inherent wisdom within each of us by operating froma place of radical generosity and unapologetic permission giving.

I believe in creating space for others to inquire, ideate, gather, and dialogue with fellow business owners who:

  • Value meaningful connections over accumulating critical mass,

  • Strive to practice on a small scale the change they wish to see in the world,

  • Believe in honoring the continual process of transformation,

  • Also seek a world that values interdependence rather than independence, and

  • Are committed to building inclusive, sustainable and heart-centered businesses.

Won’t you join us?


When you work with me, we enter into a partnership where we work openly and honestly to dream big and make solid plans so that in the end, your business surpasses its goals.

Having a dedicated partner who is passionate about your success is a smart investment. It's how we can take your business to the next level with ease and confidence.

Are you ready?


because you don't
have to do it
on your own.

Let's create something spectacular.