A Q1 Reflection: Integrating Moon Phases into my Business Strategy

I have always had an overactive mind. As a child, this was a great gift, as I had a wild imagination that took me to some really interesting places. However, as I got older that curiosity for the unknown took a negative turn and led me down the path of worrying all the time and creating unrealistic expectations in my head, which meant that I was always disappointed with the reality. Even after embarking on the new adventure of starting my business last year, things didn't feel quite right - I was still yearning for something I didn't quite understand. Overthinking and overworrying as a business owner can be crippling, so at the end of last year I was determined to explore new (to me) means to help me work through all of the challenges we face as humans, and also as solo business owners. 

Everyone has different mechanisms to help them work smarter, and for me, the most effective ones haven't been an app or the best new project management tool. I've been going back to an analog method of tactile tools, hand writing my thoughts, and paying more attention to what's been here all along. 

Learning to listen to the moon

I had never really gotten into astrology, but last fall I remember seeing so many people talk about Mercury Retrograde on social media, and I knew I had some exploring to do! Starting down that wormhole, I discovered the concept of moon phases, and that felt like a great place to start my astrological education. Since the first of this year, most of my moon phase knowledge comes from the Many Moons Workbook, which I have been working through religiously. (Her Volume 2 covering July - December 2017 should be coming out soon, so keep an eye out if you're interested in it.)

What I really love about the moon is that most societies think of the moon as a female entity. Many people say that being in tune with the moon allows you to bring out your Inner Goddess, and as a female who has embraced the societal norms of apologizing too much, being meek, and often thinking about everyone else before myself, I was finally ready to break free from that. I wanted to discover this powerful version of myself, even if it really meant just being more honest with who I am and what I want.

So here's the quickest recap possible for those of you who are just coming to moon phases. Each phase (New Moon to New Moon) is roughly 29.5 days. There are four main phases: 

  1. New Moon

  2. First Quarter Moon

  3. Full Moon

  4. Last Quarter Moon

New Moon: Wiping the slate clean and setting new intentions

When the moon appears to be absent from the sky. This is a time for reflection, renewal, letting go of the past, and starting something new. This is when you'll want to plant those seeds of intention that you'll nurture over the next couple of weeks until the Full Moon. 

First Quarter Moon: Working hard to realize your goals

This is the waxing period when the moon appears to be growing in the sky, and it is typically a highly energetic time. This is when you want to be working towards realizing the intentions you set during the New Moon. It's a great time for planning, writing, creating.

Full Moon: Manifesting your deepest intentions and desires

The moon is most powerful during a Full Moon, and this is the time where you want to dream big and manifest what you've been working towards. This is the time to reach for the stars and verbalize, write out, put clear thoughts around the dreamiest version of what you're seeking.

Last Quarter Moon: Releasing the bad energies and those things which aren't serving you

The period between Full Moon and New Moon is the waning moon period where the moon appears to be getting smaller. During this time you may feel energetically depleted, and it's a great time to let go of those things which aren't serving you to help you prepare for another New Moon where you can start with a clean slate.

After paying close attention to my energy levels and my thoughts & feelings in conjunction with the moon over the past three months, here is what I've learned:

  • My energy levels are absolutely tied to the moon phases. The week in between the Last Quarter Moon and the New Moon - I am zonked. I used to push through it, but now I embrace it. I lean into that restful period and make sure I use it to really rejuvenate myself. For me, that means I need to work from the sofa, not take as many meetings, and not go to as many social engagements. I crave alone time, and I need a lot of sleep. Knowing this ahead of time, I'm able to better plan my projects, and my calendar.

  • There is a different moon phase approximately once a week, so this is allowing me to dedicate time on a consistent basis to really check in with myself. Knowing that I need to rest during the waning moon period means that I no longer feel guilty for taking that time to rest. Using the New Moon to rid myself from negative thoughts, situations, and people has provided me with the opportunity to focus more on the positive.

  • And because I believe in the power of the moon, I'm scheduling the launch of my next product around the moon in May. I'll be working hard during the waxing moon period to finish it all up, I'll launch it on May 10 (Full Moon), and having everything scheduled and on autopilot through the New Moon on May 25 when I will close the cart and take the next steps forward. Regardless of the outcome, I can start fresh from there.

I am just at the beginning of my studies, so I would love to know: Do you have any resources that you use to help you work with the moon phases? Is there something else you use that may be considered "untraditional" that has been instrumental for your business? I would love to know! Let me know in the comments below or always feel free to send me an email at hello@maggiegentry.com.