Have I Ever Shared My Why with You?

I have spent the past year working with clients one-on-one to get a better, more intimate glimpse into the common challenges that we all face as creative entrepreneurs and small business owners. It's remarkable how different the work can be, yet how similar our struggles are. 

One commonality I noticed is how we are all passionate about what we do, yet often find it so hard to sell ourselves and our work. It's not that we are ashamed of what we've accomplished, but the act of selling feels unnatural and contrived. And ultimately, we strive for genuine connection and relationships, and we want to promote those over consistently selling.

I truly believe in the power of the notion that people buy from people. I believe that we do our best work and live our best life when we establish a Why, a core purpose, a true north and then develop a strategy that sets us on a path to achieve it.  

My Why is to change the way we do business, so I am committed to creating and holding space for others so that they may discover their driving force and be an encouraging supporter as they walk to path to infusing this purpose into everything they do. 

  • I believe that everyone does better work when they feel supported.

  • I believe that having a trusted partner can enable you to push through the uncomfortable stages to allow you to accomplish incredible things.

  • I believe that we all need a little validation to feel confident in moving forward with our ideas.

  • I believe that there is nothing sweeter than working hard together to share in a joint win.

Through these beliefs, I have created Own Your Why®. It is my hope that the community created through this program is a welcome retreat from the other noise that engulfs us constantly in our world. My hope is that you find a home here.

Own Your Why® is a program that is built around true connection and thoughtful interaction to help you discover Your Why for your business, and then provide you with the support as you continue to walk your talk. You may get involved in two ways:

  1. Own Your Why®: Self-Paced. This is great for those who do their best thinking on their own, and like to have resource material to refer back to again and again.

  2. Own Your Why®: Community. A gathering of like-minded souls, who also happen to be business owners, where we can co-create a supportive environment to help one another stay purposeful in each and every action. Think of it as a mastermind meets cooperative that includes group calls, individual coaching, email support, a Slack community, profit sharing, and all for an affordable monthly membership fee.

Either way, to goal remains the same: to find what lies at the soul of your business, what makes you tick, and why you do what you do. It isn't necessarily something that you'll discover overnight. It is soulful, meaningful, introspective work, but once you put in the time to discover Your Why, you can then begin to share your story. 

Own Your Why® will teach you foundational lessons to support your long-term growth, and is not catered to quick-fix solutions.
Own Your Why® is about creating space for you to dream and figure out what you really want, and then creating a strategic plan that aligns with your core purpose.
Own Your Why® is about working together and supporting one another to achieve what we could not on our own.

If you'd like to dip your toe into this philosophy first, then I encourage you to sign up for A Glimpse Into Owning Your Why, a 5-week email series that shares mini lessons from Own Your Why®.