Maggie and I started working together in the summer of 2015 and after just six months, my sales doubled and the traffic to my site tripled.  I wasn't investing in a fancier e-commerce platform, I was simply working with Maggie to think through an authentic but organized marketing approach to keep my fans and followers in the loop.  Her in-depth approach and partnership has helped me reach goals I never thought I could achieve in my business.



Working as a creative entrepreneur is both exciting and scary. I was introduced to Maggie at the perfect time. I had already launched my business, but my momentum was beginning to derail due to lack of clarity around my process. Hiring Maggie for thought partnership has been such a great investment. I've found that working with her is like having a business partner as well as a trusted friend who really supports my vision. Our meetings are always goal-driven with clear directives set before our next meeting - so in that way, she has become my accountability partner as well. I look forward to and feel incredibly grateful for time spent with Maggie - strategizing, sharing challenges and narrowing in on the next steps to keep my business propelling forward.


Maggie is an exceptional strategist and an amazing partner. If you're looking for an organized, thoughtful, creative collaborator in your business, look no further. Upon embarking on a complicated, layered project requiring extensive planning, I knew I needed a strategist on my team. Even though I help my clients with strategy, I know how helpful it is to have like-minded support. Maggie was the only collaborator I needed to consider because she has the right expertise and great energy. It was easy to get started with her and the results of having her on my team look like a clearly defined project complete with daily action steps.


Having someone on board who serves as a wealth of knowledge and someone who gives our business individualized attention has been instrumental as we barrel towards closing out our first year, and more importantly as we prep for an even bigger and better second year. Maggie provides The Paper + Craft Pantry, and myself, with business strategies and creative marketing tools that I have no doubt will play a huge role in the success of my business. 


Maggie is a kind and insightful marketing guide. She helped me bring my vision to a reality and I learned strategies that will extend way beyond our time together. I couldn't recommend her enough! 


Miriam of Every Body Bliss