Schedule a Shift Session with me, and let’s work together to determine where subtle shifts can make a big impact on you and the work that you’re doing!

This service includes:

  • A pre-call questionnaire to clarify your current business challenge.

  • One 60-minute Zoom call with me to work through your business question and establish a solution.

  • A follow-up email from me after the call concludes with additional resources for you.

  • A check-in email two weeks later to ensure all of your questions are answered. 

Sessions are to be scheduled at time of booking.

1 session | Pay what you’re able


What's the process?

Hey there!

You need some perspective – stat! When you click the button below, you'll be prompted to select a time that works best for you. To complete the registration, feel free to offer a monetary exchange that feels right to you, and you’ll be prompted to send me more info about your particular business challenge, which I'll review those materials prior to our first call. 

Let's dive in.

Before our call, I'll send an email with any additional questions for clarification so that we can ensure we get the most out of our time together. I ask that you respond to those additional questions no later than 24 hours before our scheduled call time. Then, we'll chat for 60 minutes and work through this business challenge. The call will end with a clear resolution and action items for you to move forward. I’ll even follow up after our call with additional resources based on what we discussed so that you have even more confidence that you’re making the right decision.

And then what?

That’s it! You’re feeling confident and assured about the plan you put in place, and you have some resources at your disposal should the problem arise again. I'll even check back in two weeks later to make sure that you're feeling confident and that things are moving along smoothly. If you find that you are needing to go a little deeper still, we can always chat about continuing coaching services, should that feel like the right next step.