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Quarterly Planning with Maggie + Mara

We're halfway through the year—how are you doing with those goals you set in January? This will be the perfect time to reflect and readjust.

This quarterly event series is designed for busy entrepreneurs and small business owners who are eager to create values-based goals and a corresponding action plan to help them achieve those goals within the next 3 months. Guided by Maggie Gentry Miller, a business coach and marketing expert, and Mara Oatman, a systems and efficiency consultant, you are getting the best of both worlds to ensure you create a roadmap for your business that aligns with your core purpose, and incorporates your unique working style with your specific resource limitations.

Join us for a 3-hour working session which includes:

  • 60-minutes of instruction from both Maggie + Mara to cover the topics of releasing what no longer serves us and rebuilding from a place of honesty & intention

  • Worksheets to assist you create your quarterly goals, followed by your 3-month action plan

  • Ample time to set goals and create your action plan during our time together

  • Individual Hot Seat with Maggie + Mara to help you break through any blocks and create solutions

  • Closing Q&A to share what you’ll be working on and ask for any support from the group that you may need