Intern position available

Are we destined to work together?

For the past two years, I have worked to grow MaggieGentry LLC into what it is today. With a focus on relationships, a devotion to steady growth, and a drive to build a business based around what feels good and in alignment with My Why, I find myself here, finally in need of some assistance.

My thoughts for what this position will be:

You'll be there to help ensure MG looks & sounds awesome. I am looking for someone who is eager to come to the table with their own ideas, willing to brainstorm with me, and also be honest with their opinions. I need someone who is comfortable playing devil's advocate with me so that we can ensure we're always arriving at the best possible solution. While this is a paid position, I would love to get to the capacity where we can grow this into a more robust part-time role, but I have no guarantee of a timeline for when that might happen. 

The details

A (fairly) exhaustive list of where I need help:

  • Concepting social media content for Instagram 
  • Taking on-brand photos to use for Instagram, blog header images, and Pinterest
  • Drafting social media copy
  • Concepting & outlining blog posts
  • Designing worksheets for events (occasional)
  • Updating my website
  • Conducting research, when needed

Ideally, you are someone who: 

  • Understands what my brand stands for, and how to pitch ideas and take photos that are in alignment with that.
  • Enjoys writing
  • graphic design
  • squarespace
  • embraces the woo & is organized AF

In return, I can offer: 

  • Payment: $10/hour to start
  • 1, 60-minute session per month to help you with your own creative pursuit/business/career search
  • An honest desire to teach you as much as I know to help you succeed