November Goal: Give myself permission

My singular November goal: Give myself permission.

I knew October was going to be a tough month, but I don't think I was anticipating just how taxing it would really be. I started off strong with an unbelievable first week, and then I crashed - hard. It took the rest of the month to try and get back into the rhythm, but I ultimately fell short. I found myself stuck in this Funk that I kept wading through week after week trying to get to the other side.

I still don't feel like I'm completely in the clear, but I'm also tired of feeling this way. I am generally a really positive and proactive person, so having this feeling of not performing my best and not acting like myself has been weighing heavily on me. I've been slacking on my morning routine, so maybe that has something to do with it. I've been really stressed about getting materials together for the launch of my e-course, and maybe feeling so vulnerable about all of that has me feeling exceptionally anxious. I was working with the largest group of clients I've ever had this past month, while developing the e-course, so I think I've also been WAY overloaded.

So instead of getting upset at myself for all of the things I didn't accomplish last month, I'm doing my best to add it to the "Lessons Learned" file, and move forward from here. And with that, I'm heading into November with one, singular goal: 

Give myself permission. 

  • To rest

  • To go to yoga in the middle of the day

  • To sleep in if I need it

  • To work late into the night if the ideas are flowing

  • To say YES to things that feel scary and challenging because I know that's the only way I'll learn

  • To say NO to things when I really feel like I need some me-time

  • To trust that things will work out as they are intended

  • And ultimately, to not feel bad about the decisions I make that are for my own wellbeing

With so many social engagements kicking off the holiday season, and with the launch of the Own Your Why: Self-Paced, I know this will be no easy feat. But I'm determined to stay positive, stay motivated, and listen to what my body needs. 

I'm hoping that the new month brings new energy to help me get through this Funk. Hopefully, I little more routine and lot of grace will pull me through. What helps you when you fall into one of these vicious cycles?

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