Mindful Giving Round-up: Wellness Gifts for You & Your Biz

I am lucky enough to call some really amazing women my friends who are doing remarkable things in this world. Over the past few weeks, I was noticing how a handful of them were sharing about some incredible health & wellness programs they have coming up really soon, and I felt compelled to write this post as a way to share with you all some of their amazing work. From free challenges and longer-term memberships to immersive, personal experiences, they have built these offerings with heart and intention.

During this season overwrought with consumerism, I wanted to share more about a few mindfulness and wellness tools that I know will not only dramatically impact your life, but they will also directly support the livelihood of a small business owner. Skim through and see if something catches your eye! 


Wholehearted & Wild Custom Personal Retreats, Iris Rankin

Iris Rankin of Project Intention is leading personal retreats in her home state of Colorado and in northern California. Escape the hustle and grind, leave the distractions at home, and spend some time reconnecting with nature, and with yourself.

What is it?
Set distractions aside and escape to a wild space for one to four days on your own custom personal retreat. Hole up in a cozy cabin in northern California for a weekend of focused quarterly business planning, complete with your own coach and thought partner along for every step of the process. Backpack in the mountains of Colorado, navigate the challenging terrain of life's uncertainties and take ownership of your own resilience. Slow down and unwind with hot springs, meditation, yoga and other self care practices in a quiet, nurturing atmosphere. You choose. One-on-one personal or business coaching is woven into every retreat, and together we co-create the experience that best supports your vision.

Why did you create it?
We often don't allow ourselves to intentionally structure in white space, and yet we deeply need it. There are few places in our lives where we grant ourselves permission to let go of the day-to-day and direct our sole focus to our needs. Retreats are a way to get clear on what is truly important and plan how to make room for more of that importance in your life.

Price: Wild VIP day in Breckenridge, CO: $750   |   Multi-day Retreats: start at $1000/day

Register and put down a deposit before January 15th and you'll receive $250 off your retreat.

Our Health Tribe, from Miriam Jacobson


What is it? 
Our Health Tribe is a six-week nutrition program that empowers women to identify root causes of health imbalances (bloating, sugar cravings, low energy levels) while connecting them with a community of women going through a similar experience. The program includes two weekly nutrition videos, a workbook to help customize the information for you, a recipe book and meal plan, one weekly small group strategy call, and a Facebook community of supportive women. Topics range from what to eat, nourishing practices, exercise and even syncing your cycle and questions to be asking your doctor.

Why did you create it?
Sarah and I are offering this program because changing your health alone can be isolating and frustrating. We are bringing women together to educate and empower them to reach their health goals. There’s also so many pressures on the modern woman to be ‘perfect’ and we end up getting discouraged when we compare ourselves to our peers (in business, body image and even marriage and children) but when we can embrace our differences we can create a more sustainable and long lasting change. Research shows that women who spend time with each other have lower stress levels and higher levels of internal motivation to create healthy changes (I wrote an article on this that is going to publish on the 15th! The science behind this is so fascinating).

Price: $275 (Get $50 off with promo code MAGGIETEACHES50)

Class starts January 15, 2018. 

Amy Kuretsky is leading another cohort of the self-care for creatives group coaching program starting in the new year.

What is it?
A mastermind style group coaching experience to help you prioritize and commit to your self-care. The group coaching program is for creative bosses who need accountability and support to to reach their self-care goals. The program starts off with a workshop to help you create the self-care strategy that works for YOU, and then supports you through monthly calls and email support with a group of like-minded creative business owners.

Why did you create it?
To help creative entrepreneurs fuel their hustle with their health. I often hear creatives talk about their struggles with burn-out, and I knew I could help them get out of the "should" mindset and into the "want" reality.

Price: $250

Next cohort starts Tuesday, January 2, 2018. Calls occur from 1-3pm CST on the first Tuesday of each month through April 2018.


And if you haven't heard me rave yet about Amy's breathwork session, then please reach out, and I'll tell you all about it! She's starting the year with a 7-day Breathwork Challenge (it's free!), and I know it will be incredibly powerful.  Get more info about the breathwork challenge right here.


Be With Cards for Self-Care, Barbara Erochina

Be With Cards for Self-Care is the perfect gift for anyone seeking to add a bit more mindfulness into their daily life.

What are they?
Cards for Self-Care are a simple way to fit self-care into your busy schedule. The set of thirty-six cards is divided into six categories: write, speak, ask, rest, move and affirm. Each category suggests simple prompts to help you practice self-care in the moment. Each prompt takes five minutes or less to complete, and will leave you feeling refreshed, grounded and ready to tackle your day. Based on principles in mindfulness, self-compassion and self-compassion, the cards are a proven method to develop healthier mindset and self-care habits.

Why did you create it?
We tell ourselves that we don't have time for self-care. After all, we're committed to the  #hustle, motivating ourselves to accomplish more, and become a better version of ourselves. But on a deeper level, we know that our driving ourselves into the ground on a daily basis is actually preventing us from being in alignment with who we really are and taking risks that matter.

In her ground-breaking research on self-compassion, Dr. Kristin Neff shows that when we achieve results by driving ourselves and judging ourselves harshly, our minds and bodies perceive that judgment as a threat, which raises our levels of cortisol andadrenaline. This keeps us in nearly constant flight or fight mode. (You'll recognize as that constant lack of safety you feel) At its least harmful, having poor self-care habits keeps us stressed and unable to do our best creative work; at its most harmful it’s a deadly concoction that leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

In contrast, self-care, kindness, and compassion activate our mammalian caregiving system, reducing our stress levels and flooding us with oxytocin and opiates -- the feel good hormones. Experiencing our own tender loving care helps us feel safe, putting us in an optimal mindset to make strong decisions and do our best when confronted with challenges.

Price: $35

Stay Unstuck, Erica Midkiff

Embrace all of your ideas, and develop tools to help you see those through to completion with Erica Midkiff's Stay Unstuck guide.

What is it?
Stay Unstuck is designed to help you plan ahead for the inevitability of being stuck, so you can stop spinning your wheels and start bringing your ideas to life.

First, you’ll build a list of tactics that you can turn to any time things get messy. When you get stuck, it can feel like your brain has turned off. It's hard to think of what to do, and it's far too easy to wallow in that feeling. Having a list of ideas you can access immediately (and that you trust because you made them when you were in a better frame of mind) will help you move into action mode, pushing you to get out of your head and try different things until you get moving again.

Then you’ll heighten your awareness around being stuck, so you can turn to your list more often. It's one thing to make a list of tactics, but another thing entirely to use it. And often, when we’re stuck, we don’t even realize it, especially if these are deeply ingrained patterns. So we’ll walk through a powerful four-step process to help you more quickly and effectively identify when you’re stuck, so you can address the problem and get moving again.

Why did you create it?
As creatives, we’re naturally good at coming up with ideas. But bringing ideas to life is inherently messy. And we struggle with messy. All too quickly, a small decision (which option to pick) turns into overthinking and indecision (What am I doing with my life?!). We spend too much time and money trying to solve the wrong problem until eventually, we lose sight of the original idea altogether. Then a shiny new idea comes along...and the cycle begins all over again. Eventually, our self-confidence erodes, and we begin to feel we're just not capable of following through. But that's not true.

When you plan ahead for the inevitable messiness of bringing creative ideas to life, your self-confidence remains intact.

Price: $59

Walker Whole Heath is hosting a free, 31-day challenge geared towards loving ourselves, in our bodies, just as we are. Join the radical resolution to define health in your own terms.

What is it?
This January 2018 I am hosting a #radicalresolution challenge on Instagram.  It is really an invitation to love yourself.  I am planning to share 31 daily actions, prompts and strategies to help you begin the journey of loving yourself.  If you leave your email address here I will be able to send you all the materials as our challenge approaches!

Why did you create it?
Recognizing our strength and resilience can teach us to celebrate our worth without looking externally for validation.  My own struggle with external validation found a home in new year’s resolutions.  My inability to keep a resolution for an entire year brought shame and frustration front and center in my life.  I thought it must mean I am a bad person because I couldn’t go to the gym every single day like everyone else.  I thought I was a failure cause I couldn’t lose weight.  So I let go of new year’s resolutions.  I ignored them.  I walked around telling everyone I didn’t make resolutions because I didn’t like to set myself up for failure. After years of cultivating a loving relationship with myself I realized I could make resolutions that felt good.  They didn’t have to be about losing weight or changing myself to show up in someone else's expectations.  I could make a radical resolution to love myself.

Price: FREE

Other fun wellness resources.