Come What May: A Month of Discovery

Sharing my May goals and exciting new projects - like Own Your Why: Self-Paced - an introspective marketing program that helps small business grow with intention.

If you've been following along, then you'll know that instead of a monthly goals blog post, I've made the switch to sharing my thoughts on the tarot card I pulled during my Year Ahead spread. (Want to know more about this? Head here to read the first post about it.) This month's card feels so perfectly fitting for everything I have coming up in May, and it hammers home a few points that were brought up during my recent #REVELinBiz weekend with my mastermind group - more on that a little later. But for now... 

My card for May: Two of Wands

This card is all about future planning, progress, decisions, and discovery. It is asking me to start putting the plan in motion to achieve the thing I set out to do, and is focused on forward movement. It's all about patient and focused movement, and it embraces the spirit of the first quarter moon in that I am actively taking steps to achieve the intention I have set. This card also represents a spirit of discovery as I step outside of my comfort zone to do something that will help me realize my potential.

Now let me level with you real quick. April was an intense month, and I mean in the personally tumultuous, knock you on the ground and try to keep you stuck in the mud, kind of month. It was really difficult to move (and work!) through all of that. And if I'm being honest, I'm still working through a lot of it. But through discussions with my therapist, a health coach, and with the love, support & encouragement of my mastermind group, I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am reminded by these incredible women, that I am stronger than I think. I will persevere. I will get up next time stronger and wiser.

So this card represents to me a way out, and a more positive path forward. To do that, I will fuel my soul through creating. I will keep loving on each of you who reads this blog, comments on an Instagram post, and/or schedules a Virtual Office Hours call with me. Those connections are what drive me.

One of the most powerful discussions topics this past weekend with my mastermind (led by Misty Bradly of we are the REVELERS), was the idea of realizing our worth. As business owners, yes, we are supposed to make money. However, as solo business owners, it's often hard to differentiate how much money our business brings in, and how much we are worth as individuals. A lot of feelings rose to the surface for me about wanting to make a certain amount so that I could:

  • Be an equal contributor, and therefore, a better partner in my marriage,

  • Feel adequate amongst my peers who are successful in their businesses or careers,

  • Find comfort and security in having a little more wiggle room in our personal budget, and

  • Equate a profitable business to me finding my life's purpose.

That's a lot of self-imposed pressure that I'm putting on myself, and I know I'm not alone in feeling this way. 

In an effort to give a big middle finger to my self-doubt, I'm doing something that feels really scary. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone to show the universe that I'm ready to step into my full potential. And if the universe responds and tells me, "Hey, Maggie. That's not quite the way we think you should do it," then I'll come back to home base knowing that my friends and family will still love me if this scary thing doesn't turn out the way I expected. My business will continue to prosper even if this launch is a flop. And I will be on the other side of it looking back with so many lessons learned that I can try again next time with a little more information about how to make it better, and a little less trepidation to just step out there next time, and do the darn thing.

What's this new scary thing I'm launching? 

On Wednesday, May 10, I'm launching Own Your Why: Self-Paced. It will be all of the Own Your Why content in an easy-to-download PDF with lessons and workbooks for you to complete at your own pace. My hope is that this program can become the structure for that solo biz retreat that I know you're dying to take. My hope is that this program can be a more accessible version of the Own Your Why material.

My hesitation, and what makes this scary for me, is that it's the first time I'm taking a step away from the personal interaction. While I do have the option to add on a Strategy Session with me, and there is a pretty sweet bonus for those who buy the first edition that includes some interesting touch points with me, and everyone who purchases will also get access to the private Facebook group... I still worry that's not enough when my entire business has been built on 1-on-1 client engagements.

As someone who is desperately trying to build a business on genuine connection, I'm nervous that heading in this direction means I'll lose touch. I'm nervous that I will be lost in the ethers will all the other e-books and e-courses. Yet amongst those nerves, I know that if this program can help at least one more person, then I've succeeded. 

So with that, I'm putting in all the hard work now to finish up the details to have it ready for pre-orders on May 10 (the full moon), and the cart will close on May 25 (the new moon). Whatever happens, will happen, and I can start the new moon cycle with a fresh slate, a new perspective, and a grateful heart.

If you're liking what you're hearing about Own Your Why: Self-Paced, grab yourself a little sneak peek with 5 Mini Lessons from Own Your Why!

I'd love to know, do you have similar struggles with realizing what your worth? What resources have you used to help you shake that defeating mindset? And if you're feeling so inclined, what is something new you can do this month to step out of your comfort zone and take a step towards discovering your full potential? Tell me in the comments below.