October Goals

Taking a look back at my goals from last month, setting goals for this month, and planning what I hope to accomplish for the rest of this year.

I don't know about y'all, but fall is my favorite season. Sweaters, holidays, cooler temps, and all those awesome ugly pumpkins!! Also, I'm in Texas, so the fall is always a much-needed relief from the stifling heat we suffer through all summer. With the first cool snap, everyone seems to be a little happier; everyone walks a little lighter. And for small business owners, there seems to be just a bit more pep in our step as we aim to round out the year accomplishing as many of our goals as possible. 

This past weekend I sat down with a dear friend so that we could work with one another to set goals, not only for this month, but for the rest of this year, and start brainstorming goals for 2017. I left feeling even more energized about what the next few months have to offer! 

But first - here's a look at how I did with my September goals: 

  • Make physical exercise a priority in my weekly routine with an emphasis on getting back to a regular yoga schedule. My yoga practice feeds my mind and soul in ways that few other things can. // Score: 10 of 10; I went to yoga at least twice a week for the entire month, and I'm really proud of myself for doing so. Mentally and physically, I feel great.

  • Take at least one bath each week. It's my favorite way to decompress. // Score: 10 of 10; I actually did this! And a couple of times even paired it with a homemade face mask!

  • Set aside time each week to read articles, blogs and new books. (Please send me any of your reading suggestions!) // Score: 0 of 10; I was not good about setting aside this time for myself, so here's to trying it again this month!

  • Practice what I preach and dedicate time each week to schedule social media for my own business so that it alleviates stress. // Score: 0 of 10; Again, I could not bring myself to accomplish this, so it's going back on the goal list for October!

  • Face my fear of writing by writing more. // Score: 5 of 10; I wanted to write more blogs, but I didn't put an exact number on it. However, I did collaborate with Tiane Tuliao to publish the 1st blog in our 3-part collaboration, so stay tuned for those soon! I did keep up with writing in my gratitude journal every morning.

My October Goals

  • Plan my social media more in advance so that I'm not ever left scrambling for content.

  • Practice self-care as I work on developing the Own Your Why course. It will be a lot of late nights and early mornings, but I want to keep up with yoga and at least one bath per week.

  • Be more active! I was gifted a FitBit, and I'm determined to make it proud by getting my daily steps and taking active breaks throughout the day.

  • Enjoy coffee in bed with the hubs every morning. We had a good chat recently how he's always zapped from the day, so we don't engage much in the evening. I think this will be a fun way to start our days together, sitting in the dark, watching the sun rise, and enjoying some coffee. Really excited for this one!

  • Start new Instagram strategy. I have been doing alternating orientations with my pictures, but it's often cumbersome to plan. I want to switch back over to squares because I know that will help my ability to be re-grammed since most folks don't use the borders.

My End of Year Goals

  • Learn more about Tarot. (I'm asking for a deck for Christmas!)

  • Enjoy a trip over the holidays. For the first time, Austen and I will be hitting the road to explore a new destination over the holidays - just us - and I'm really excited about it.

  • Begin hosting brunches at my house for my lady friends.

  • Maintain a regular yoga schedule.

  • Do my best to eat healthy through the holidays.

  • Prepare online version of Own Your Why for beta test in early 2017.

  • Work with bookkeeper and accountant to prep my taxes since I'll be filing for the first time as a business owner in April.

  • Develop a Welcome & Goodbye Kit for my clients.

  • Begin writing case studies for my clients as their engagement comes to a close.

What about you? What are you cooking up this month and for the rest of the year?